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Myron “Bags” Bagley founded Cascade Financial Management, Inc. in 1994. He served in management and leadership roles for the firms that evolved into Salomon Smith Barney and Dain Rauscher, making Bags the most senior director in the Rocky Mountain region. In 2015, we celebrated his 60th year in the investment management business.

“Over the years the pressures to produce profitable product lines for the large firms were enormous and the client was suffering. I wanted to go back to the beginning, to the true meaning of broker, where we represented the client in the marketplace, not agents for a large company trying to make a profit. I’d had it. I was going to do it differently. No company products, no conflicts of interest, and we would be small. We would never be big enough to forget why we began.” – Myron Bagley

Bags served as Chairman of Cascade Financial Management and spent time in Denver, Oregon and Arizona.  He passed away peacefully at his house in December of 2017.  He prided himself in the belief if we do right by our clients, we do right by our Firm and ourselves. Never one to let technology stand in the way of good service, he left us doing what he always enjoyed doing.  We will never forget his valuable leadership, insight, and desire to do right for the client.

2/7/1933 to 12/21/2017

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