At Cascade Apollon, our goal is to help you Plan Wisely, Invest Confidently, and Enjoy Life.  Cascade Apollon strives to provide clear, comprehensive, integrated wealth management advice, to help our clients navigate through these increasingly complex economic times.

Plan Wisely

The first step in getting your financial house in order is to uncover your goals and objectives.  Second step is to design your financial roadmap reflecting your priorities regarding the things that require money and planning to achieve.  Through our discovery process, we will help you:

  • Set Goals – Explore your values and goals to help design a financial roadmap, addressing your personal objectives in the things that require money and planning to achieve.

  • Use Strategy Allocation to Design an Appropriate Portfolio – While “Asset Allocation” remains an important concept in portfolio design, proper “Strategy Allocation” forms the foundation of a sound investment portfolio.

  • Be Tax Aware – Making smart decisions regarding the tax impact of your investment choices allows you to minimize taxes and keep more of what you make.

  • Be Cost Conscious – All investments have a cost, some are low, some are higher.  Be aware of the costs associated with your portfolio, and how those costs impact your expected return.

  • Track Your Progress – Regular reviews of your accomplishments as they relate to your financial roadmap allow you to monitor the effectiveness of your portfolio, identify outstanding issues regarding your wealth management objectives, and track your progress toward your goals.

Invest Confidently

At Cascade Apollon, we know that designing and managing your investment portfolio can be confusing at best.  To help you invest confidently, we follow four basic tenets when building your investment strategy:

  • Have a Plan – Know how and why the securities selected are chosen to work together to help achieve your goals.

  • Use Strategy Allocation to Determine Portfolio Design – While “Asset Allocation” remains an important concept in portfolio design, proper “Strategy Allocation” forms the foundation of a strong investment portfolio.

  • Invest Globally – Having a sound global approach to portfolio design has become increasingly important as the world economies have become more developed.

  • Investment Markets are Evolving- So Should Your Portfolio – In the past several years, many investment solutions that were once only available to institutional investors have become more available to all of us.  Unfortunately, many are complex and difficult to understand.  Your Cascade Apollon Advisor can help you determine where and how such investments may complement your strategy.

Enjoy Life

Rest Assured Your Financial House is in Order – At Cascade Apollon, our mission is to guide you comfortably through these increasingly complex economic times.  To do so, we’ll help you address your priorities in the five areas of wealth management:

  • Wealth Preservation – Wealth preservation seeks to produce the best possible investment returns consistent with your time frame and tolerance for risk.

  • Wealth Enhancement – Wealth enhancement is the process of incorporating tax-awareness and a clear understanding of costs while achieving your growth and preservation goals.

  • Wealth Protection – Wealth protection is the process of taking steps to make sure your wealth is not lost or unjustly taken from you.

  • Wealth Transfer – Wealth Transfer is the process of making sure your assets go to who you want, when you want, with the appropriate level of control and tax-efficiency.

  • Charitable Giving – For families with Charitable intent, we’ll help you maximize the impact of your philanthropic giving.

Knowing that your planning is complete in each of these five key areas allows you the peace of mind to focus on the things that are truly important to you, while having confidence that with Cascade Apollon as your partner, your financial house is in order.


We can serve as your complete advisor by working with your existing wealth management professionals to create a financial roadmap that incorporates all of your objectives to deliver realistic and tangible results.


A few well-designed questions can help put you on track to finding the relationship that’s right for you.