Cascade Coronavirus Response

Cascade Clients and Friends:

During this period we wanted to take a moment to update you on the steps we at Cascade have taken to do our part in protecting our employees and our staff as we work through this time together.

Cascade does have a long-established set of contingency plans to continue to provide service to our clients in the face of any type of business interruption. We are, by our nature, broadly geographically distributed with small offices in several states, any one of which can pick up the functions of another should the need arise.

In addition:

Our employees have the capacity to work remotely, and we have taken steps to move several of them home for the foreseeable future

Our phone system is distributed in multiple locations, and calls into the main numbers can be answered in multiple locations

We have the ability to transfer the main lines to our personal phones should the need arise. We have canceled all non-essential corporate travel

We are encouraging all clients to convert our scheduled appointments to calls, and are reaching out to those with meetings currently on the calendar with instructions for electronic conferencing

In short, we are doing everything we can to keep ourselves healthy, so we can continue to serve you

Thank you for your trust and cooperation, and we look forward to being of continued service.

Dave Turner

Chief Executive Officer

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