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Updated: Aug 20, 2020

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Give Blood!

An issue that is becoming increasingly important as society begins to reopen is the impact of COVID-19 on the blood supply world-wide. The impact has nothing to do with the virus itself, and there is no evidence that respiratory viruses like COVID-19 can be transmitted by transfusion. The problem is that people are not donating blood at typical blood drive locations.

According to the American Red Cross:

  • Now that surgeries and treatments that were put on hold by the virus have resumed, there is an urgent need for blood donations

  • At the same time, many blood drives continue to be canceled as many business and community groups are restricting such activities

  • While not typically used in COVID-19 treatment, the demand for blood for cancer patients, kidney treatments, surgery, trauma, and other medical conditions continues

  • Many blood collection agencies, such as the American Red Cross and Vitalant, are providing free testing for COVID-19 antibodies on every donation of blood or plasma

  • Those who have contracted COVID-19 may also be eligible to donate convalescent plasma to help with the treatment of others

  • Collection centers have implemented steps to keep staff and donors safe, including temperature checks, social distancing, continuous sanitation, and mask requirements for your protection

IN SHORT: The various restrictions have put a crimp on the global blood supply, and those in need of ongoing or emergency treatment are at risk. You can make a difference!

Cascade's Chief Compliance Officer, Tim Kenkel, is a regular donor and recently donated whole blood, if you have any questions about the process. He can be reached at

To check your eligibility to give blood, learn more about the process, and schedule a time for you to contribute, contact one of the agencies below or your local blood center:


American Red Cross:

Make it a great day!

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